Aluminium VS Steel Windows – What is the Best Option

Your home windows are an essential part of its architectural structures. Beautiful and large windows can make your property look a lot more aesthetically pleasing and can give the building a much more luxurious feel. Windows are also great for letting plenty of light and cool air into your home which can make your home more energy efficient.

Since windows play a huge role, it is best to give these structures plenty of thought when designing or constructing a building. They come in many different materials, styles, colours, and sizes. Aluminium and steel are some of the most popular window materials but it can be difficult to choose between them since both offer many benefits. Let’s compare the two and find out which might be best. 

The Finish of Aluminium VS Steel aluminium sliding windows

Both of these window types can be powder coated to enhance their strength or to create a beautiful and smooth finish. Aluminium can also be anodized to give it a very interesting appearance. 

Most steel types are painted to enhance their corrosion resistance. This type of coating isn’t nearly as powerful as powder coating or anodizing and requires frequent maintenance. Stainless steel can be a good option for windows that don’t require any coating, but this can be very expensive.

The Malleability of Aluminium VS Steel

In this division, aluminium is a clear winner because steel is not very flexible and cannot be used for complex window frame designs. Aluminium can withstand extrusion and rolling processes, it has great malleability processes which enable manufacturers to create much more complex and more functional window frame designs. 

The Design of Aluminium VS Stee

Because aluminium is a lot more malleable, the metal can be used to create much more complex window designs. With steel, you are greatly limited since this type of metal isn’t as malleable. You are more likely to find an assortment of beautiful window frame designs with aluminium. 

The Strength of Aluminium VS Steel

On its own, aluminium isn’t too strong but this metal is combined with alloys to make it much stronger. By combining aluminium with other alloys, its tensile strength increases from 90 MPs to 690 MPs. Aluminium also tends to be much stronger at cold temperatures while steel can become brittle. Overall, this means that aluminium can be much more durable and a lot stronger than steel.

The Longevity of Aluminium VS Steel 

Aluminium is usually combined with other corrosion-resistant metals to produce window frames. Steel, on the other hand, can be combined with iron which isn’t as corrosion resistant. You are much more likely to see rust or corrosion on steel windows than aluminium. This is especially true in the case of low-quality steel. 

The Weight of Aluminium VS Steel 

Aluminium is one of the lightest metals that can be used for manufacturing goods. This metal stays very light even after combining it with other metals to enhance its strength. Despite its weight, it offers incredible strength.

Steel and iron window frames, on the other hand, can be very heavy. A lighter building material tends to be much better for the foundation and structure of large buildings.

Steel and aluminium frames both offer quite a few advantages and can be good window solutions for your home. If you compare these two metals it does, however, become pretty clear that aluminium might be a better option.

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