5 Reasons to Invest in Glass Sliding Doors

Homeowners looking for sleek, functional, and highly durable external doors to patios or conservatories are increasingly choosing aluminium sliding doors for their myriad benefits. Whereas uPVC and other traditional materials have their place and have their own advantages and disadvantages, aluminium external sliding doors are a safe and wise investment for any homeowner looking for long-term solutions that offer beauty as well as the many other benefits that come with high-quality aluminium.

Below are five great reasons to consider investing in glass sliding doors with aluminium frames:

01. Clean Aesthetics, Great Light Diffusion

aluminium sliding windows

Aluminium is an ideal building material for sliding doors because its strength allows for greater spans of glass that let in plenty of natural sunlight throughout the daytime. Moreover, the slim profile of aluminium framing means that external sliding doors appear clean and pared back, blending in seamlessly with contemporary homes and without taking up too much space. The greater daylight also means that your living spaces appear more vibrant and welcoming for family and guests.

02. Highly Functional & Space-Efficient

Another great benefit of aluminium glass sliding doors is that they’re extremely space-efficient, offering great functionality without having to compromise on space such as with doors that require swing space. Sliding doors take up minimal space and create seamless transitions between living spaces, particularly to/from interiors/exteriors such as patios and conservatories.

03. Superior Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Aluminium is reasonably good for insulation, but what makes aluminium sliding doors exceptional for insulation and energy efficiency is that they are slim in profile and allow for large glass windows that can (especially if double-glazed) offer superb insulation and heat dissipation.

Doors and windows are critical areas of your home for energy efficiency, so choosing a material such as aluminium sliding doors can save you money on energy bills on the long run since you won’t need to work your interior heating or air conditioning unit as hard as if you used a material with lesser insulative properties.

04. Highly Durable, Low Maintenance

As a durable building material, aluminium can stand the test of time and look great on your home for many years to come. Furthermore, aluminium and glass sliding doors require very little maintenance. Just keep the glass clean with an appropriate domestic glass cleaning product and vacuum out any debris that may accumulate in the tracks. Aluminium is also quite resistant to rot and corrosion, so they’re perfectly suited to stand up to the elements.

05. Rugged and Secure for Your Home

Home security is always an important consideration when choosing a door material. Naturally, aluminium sliding glass doors aren’t likely to be used for your main front entrance where solid aluminium or composite doors offer far better security, but for rear entrances, for example, they do offer a reasonable modicum of security.

Aluminium sliding doors from Melbourne wide Aluminium have secure locking mechanisms that make unauthorised entry a challenge, and most opportunistic burglars simply won’t bother if they believe that entry simply isn’t worth it. This in turn provides peace of mind for homeowners and anyone at home.

For added security, consider installing an additional set of locks or purchase a security bar to prevent the doors from being opened if a burglar manages to drill the lock.

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