5 Benefits of Aluminium Security Doors to Protect Your Home

Aluminium is truly a wonderfully versatile material, and it’s certainly one of the best materials to use for the main entrance door to your home. Whereas screen doors, sliding French doors, and bi-fold doors may work well for rear entrances to patios, for example, your front door should both be aesthetically pleasing and secure.

How secure are aluminium doors and how can they help to protect your home from unauthorised entry? Below are five key benefits of aluminium security doors for your home security:

  • Aluminium is Burglary Resistantaluminium bifold doors melbourne

In Australia, aluminium doors are amongst the most sturdy front entrance doors one can install in their homes. This is similar to the UK, where composite and aluminium door frames are amongst the most burglary-resistant doors for homes. In both Australia and the UK, aluminium doors have been thoroughly tested in order to meet standards for security and pose a serious obstacle for any opportunistic burglars that may even attempt forced entry.

It is important to remember that aluminium doors themselves, while quite strong, should also be installed with sturdy metal hinges and be equipped with standards-compliant locking mechanisms to further boost security.

  • Mortice Locks are Compatible with Most Aluminium Doors

Following on the previous point, aluminium doors tend to be fairly thick and because of that, high-security mortice locks, sashlocks, and deadbolts can often be installed on these doors with relative ease.

Generally, most lock systems require the appropriate door thickness and a sturdy enough material in order to be compatible. Aluminium tends to meet all of these requirements, so homeowners can outfit their aluminium doors with all sorts of primary and even secondary locks to bolster security.

  • Aesthetics and Deterrence

Since most burglars in Australia tend to be opportunistic, aluminium doors present a sort of visual deterrent to any attempts to break in. Keep in mind that the caricatured man hunched over with a raccoon mask carefully picking a lock is just that, a cartoon caricature. Instead, most burglers are just strangers passing by that may attempt to simply walk up and try to open the door and steal whatever contents they may find.

As such, most burglars will not attempt to break in if there is any difficulty in doing so, and the sight of an aluminium door can pose as an immediate deterrent from the get-go.

  • Better Fire Resistance and Ventilation

Aluminium is often lumped together with solid wood and composite materials for doors because it appears non-porous and solid. Many aluminium doors, however, contain built-in screens and mesh that can reduce the overall weight of the door whilst improving ventilation without sacrificing on durability.

Moreover, aluminium doors tend to test quite well for fire resistance, although you should also endeavour to ensure that your home is overall not posing any fire hazards.

  • Improved Insulation and Heat Efficiency

Much like aluminium double-glazed windows, aluminium doors also tend to have very good insulative properties and can maintain and dissipate heat efficiently. This can, in conjunction with double-glazed windows and other energy efficient tips, lower your energy bills whilst simultaneously keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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